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One membership unlocks access to over 500 clubs around Australia open 24/7 – so you can workout when it suits you.


Development of in-house training programs for instructors and co-ordinators. Has demonstrated an ability to train or develop programs for special groups. A holder of a current 충남마사지 Gymnastics Australia Coach Accreditation or equivalent who has participated in 12 hours per year of recognised professional development and performed 1500 hours of coaching.


Rescan every 8-12 weeks to see you progress and adjust your workout to keep you motivated and driven towards a fitter and healthier you. Personalised programs and tracking ensures you see the results you want. Supporting your long term health, wellbeing, weight management and injury recovery. This program assists in improving your fitness, confidence and resilience to help you unlock your potential and assist with your Initial Military Training.


It is also very difficult for us to answer every phone call during this period, so the best way to contact us is via email. Watch my technique video designed to take you through the 4 foundational exercises/movements that make up any circuit, exercise routine, or functional movement you will do. Farm Life Fitness founder Louise O’Neill is more than just a health and wellness professional – she’s also a farmer. Playing a key role in farm management with her husband and two young boys, Louise lives and breathes the agricultural lifestyle. And she understands the challenges to health and wellness that farming and living rurally can present.


An employee is not entitled to be paid at the rate of 200% in accordance with clause 19.3 if they have worked 3 consecutive hours or less prior to the commencement of a break between shifts. The employer must pay the amount authorised under clauses 18.3 or 18.3 no later than 28 days after the end of the month in which the deduction authorised under clauses 18.3 or 18.3 was made. An employee who,by agreement with their employer,uses their own motorcycle in the performance of duties must be paid $0.30 per kilometre travelled. An employee who,by agreement with their employer,uses their own motor vehicle in the performance of duties must be paid $0.91 per kilometre travelled.


26.6 Where this award makes provision for alteration of any of the matters defined at clause 26.5,such alteration is taken not to have significant effect. Unless the clothing is provided by the employer without cost to the employee or is cleaned by the employer. All other amounts that are due to the employee under this award and the NES. An employee absent for part of a day incurs a proportion of the debit for the day,based on the proportion of the working day that the employee was in attendance. 13.2 Ordinary hours of work must not exceed an average of 38 hours per week over a period of 4 weeks.


We offer a variety of fitness classes, aquatic group fitness classes and small group training across our Active Merri-bekcentres. From high intensity workouts to more relaxed water exercise – our qualified staff are on hand to help you find a class that will help you achieve your goals. Try something new and see the benefits of our group classes. Fitness passport has been embraced by our staff and has been a highly valued initiative under the Wellness at Work program. We have over twenty-two percent of eligible employees participating in the program with access to a large range of fitness and aquatic services. Staff feel valued by the organisation and it has inspired them to make the commitment to improve their health and wellbeing while encouraging their families to do the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Gym and Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions about the gym and personal training at Active Monash. Active Adults You’re never too old to enjoy the benefits of exercise. There are a few changes to our staffing hours and opening hours over the upcoming holiday period. Read on to see what to expect from our newest gym, plus how to score 2 FREE MONTHS of membership.


Offers and requests for conversion from casual employment to full-time or part-time employment are provided for in the NES. A full-time employee is an employee who is engaged to work an average of 38 hours per week. The written response under section 65 must include details of the reasons for the refusal,including 충북마사지 the business ground or grounds for the refusal and how the ground or grounds apply. By the employer or employee giving 13 weeks’written notice to the other party . Signed by the employer and the employee and,if the employee is under 18 years of age,by the employee’s parent or guardian.


An employee who is required by the employer to travel from one place of work to another must be reimbursed by the employer all fares necessarily incurred by the employee. An employee working a rostered broken shift must be paid per day $15.19 extra and for excess fares an expense-related allowance of $1.98 per day. This award incorporates the terms of Schedule E to the Miscellaneous Award 2020 as at 1 July 2022. Provided that any reference to “this award”in Schedule E to the Miscellaneous Award 2020 is to be read as referring to the Fitness Industry Award 2020 and not the Miscellaneous Award 2020.


Choose from two different QFIT classes, strength, and high intensity training. D.6.1 All SWS wage assessment agreements under the conditions of this schedule,including the appropriate percentage of the relevant minimum wage to be paid to the employee,must be lodged by the employer with the Fair Work Commission. A.5.4 Any dispute concerning an employee’s entitlement to be paid at Level 4 as a swimming teacher or swimming coach may be referred to the Fair Work Commission for determination. The Fair Work Commission may require an employee to demonstrate to its satisfaction that the employee utilises skills and knowledge required at this level. A.3.4 Any dispute concerning an employee’s entitlement to be paid at Level 3 as a swimming teacher or swimming coach may be referred to the Fair Work Commission for determination.

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Had they remained in employment until the expiry of the notice. An employee must not unreasonably fail to comply with any direction given by the employer about performing work,whether at the same or another workplace,that is safe and appropriate for the employee to perform. 28.7 A party to the dispute may appoint a person,organisation or association to support and/or represent them in any discussion or process under clause 28. 28.1 Clause 28 sets out the procedures to be followed if a dispute arises about a matter under this award or in relation to the NES. 27.5 Clause 27 is to be read in conjunction with any other provisions of this award concerning the scheduling of work or the giving of notice.

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For part-time employees,all time worked in excess of the hours as agreed under clause 11.2 or varied under clause 11.3 will be overtime. 11.4 An employer is required to roster a part-time employee for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours on a shift or a minimum of 3 hours,exclusive of meal breaks,on a broken shift. 5.13 The right to make an agreement under clause 5 is additional to,and does not affect,any other term of this award that provides for an agreement between an employer and an individual employee. 5.12 An agreement terminated as mentioned in clause 5.11 ceases to have effect at the end of the period of notice required under that clause. Pursue your passion for fitness and become a qualified group exercise instructor. Join an enthusiastic community of fitness professionals and help your clients improve their lives as you support their journey to better health and fitness.

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Here at World Fitness Australia, we specialise in finding the highest quality strength and weightlifting equipment for your home gym or commercial gym. From squat racks, Olympic barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates, and multi-station home gyms, we have all the equipment you’ll need no matter your gym size. Focus on developing and improving stroke technique, endurance, fitness and competition preparation. Swim squads appeal to a variety of swimming levels and abilities.

A unique combination of gentle and easy to follow movements, stretches, mindfullness, breath and relaxation. It improves the functioning of virtually all of the systems of the body. A high energy aerobic class designed to get both the grown ups and the kids moving. Classes are suitable for adults of any age, and children aged between four and 12 years.

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Our vision ‘Participate your way’ focuses on providing varied programs and services for all ages and abilities, with a strong emphasis on inclusion. They are suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. Wherever you are at your fitness level, one of our Personal Trainers can tailor a program to help you to safely and steadily improve more on your fitness goals. With classes running throughout the day and access to all facilities during opening hours, simply click here to sign up. Assessment instrument means the tool provided for under the supported wage system that records the assessment of the productive capacity of the person to be employed under the supported wage system. Approved assessor means a person accredited by the management unit established by the Commonwealth under the supported wage system to perform assessments of an individual’s productive capacity within the supported wage system.

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We believe when it comes to your health, you make the rules – and we’ll support you every step of the way. During the peak winter season, access is restricted from 8 am to 8 pm, and memberships are strictly limited in number. We also restrict the number of users at any time, by having all members reserve their training with a few easy clicks to ensure your equipment is available to you. Niseko Physio has a limited number of memberships available in its comprehensive Fitness Gym. Boasting a wide range of top-quality cardio, free weights and cable machine equipment, we have your every fitness need covered. Great friendly staff, lots of equipment and friendly patrons.

An agreement under clause 21.5 must be signed by the employer and employee and,if the employee is under 18 years of age,by the employee’s parent or guardian. Public holidays that fall within the period of close down will not count as a day of annual leave or leave without pay. Employees will be paid for any absence on such days in accordance with the NES. No accrued annual leave,the employee must take leave without pay for the full period of the close down.

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All you need to become a member is to visit the gym during staffed hours or enquire on our website using the button below. Our team will greet you at the door with a smile, provide a full tour of the facilities, and take you through our membership sign-up process. Routine use of these standards will ensure the fitness to drive of each patient is assessed in a consistent manner. In doing so, the health professional will not only be contributing to road safety but may minimise medico-legal exposure in the event that a patient is involved in a crash or disputes a licensing decision. D.10.3 The minimum amount payable to the employee during the trial period must be no less than $95 per week. The assessment of the applicable percentage should be subject to annual or more frequent review on the basis of a reasonable request for such a review.

No, at SHAiPE there is always a personal trainer on the floor to discreetly guide you and give you instructions where needed. Furthermore, you will have a private session with one of our trainers every 8-12 weeks to review progress and adapt your training plan. If you with more One on One sesssions with a Trainer you can always book them separately in addition which would come at an extra cost.

This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises. It is a great class for seniors and for people who have a chronic illness. Personal Training Personal training offers a holistic approach to achieving your health and wellness goals by covering exercise guidance, nutrition advice and mindset tips which help give you the best possible outcomes. Gym Our gyms offer a wide range of cardio equipment, including a variety of plate loaded machines, free weights and squat racks to help power your workout.

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If an employee who is at least 18 years old does not give the period of notice required under clause 29.1,then the employer may deduct from wages due to the employee under this award an amount that is no more than one week’s wages for the employee. The maximum amount of accrued paid annual leave that may be cashed out in any period of 12 months is 2 weeks. An employer and an employee may agree in writing to the cashing out of a particular amount of accrued paid annual leave by the employee. Under superannuation legislation individual employees generally have the opportunity to choose their own superannuation fund.

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1.2 This modern award commenced operation on 1 January 2010. Combination Gain your qualification by learning through a combination of on campus, online and workplace training. Specialty units are packaged by TAFE NSW to customise your qualification and ensure you are ready to meet the demands of industry. Core units are central to the job outcomes of a particular industry or occupation. These are the units industry has agreed are essential to be capable and qualified at a particular study level. At TAFE NSW, we recognise your previous study and work experience.

This PT-led class will get your heart racing like no other! Tabata is designed to greatly improve your anaerobic fitness. Each centre offers a low impact class focusing on fitness and strength. Zumba classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.

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D.10.5 Where the employer and employee wish to establish a continuing employment relationship following the completion of the trial period,a further contract of employment will be entered into based on the outcome of assessment under clauseD.5. D.6.2 All SWS wage assessment agreements must be agreed and signed by the employee and employer parties to the assessment. Relevant minimum wage means the minimum wage prescribed in this award for the class of work for which an employee is engaged. D.1 This schedule defines the conditions which will apply to employees who because of the effects of a disability are eligible for a supported wage under the terms of this award. A.11 Any dispute concerning the correct classification for a swimming and water safety teacher or swimming coach will be referred to the Fair Work Commission for determination.